Teemu Eskola

Drone show designer

Experienced freelance designer with over 100 shows done

I have designed over 100 drone shows, from small fleets to larger shows. I am available for hire on a project-to-project basis.

Drone show designs from just an idea or from a timecoded script. Everything done strictly to specifications, designed and delivered quickly and reliably.

Contact me with email: teemu.eskola@gmail.com or call/WhatsApp: +358400759676

Some scenes from 2023 shows

I just got an award!

3rd International Drone Show Competition Winner


All shows created with safety distances, as specified by the client.

Speed control

Drone show design based on movement capabilities of the fleet.

Landing formations

Any landing formations, either from ground or from aerial start.

Safety zones

Show areas as required, with limits for any obstacles.

Some of my work