Creative work

Sometimes one creates marketing concepts, sometimes designs drone shows.

This is my work.

Brand, concepts, copy

Marketing strategy is but idle ramblings without effective actions.

I’ve created award-winning marketing concepts and brands. I’ve also written everything from stupid puns to punchy slogans, banners and blog posts, scripts and srivenings.

I’ve also had the honor of being a juror in the Effie awards.

A bit of a portfolio »

UIs and codings

The world’s firs Flash-based web banking interface was introduced at CeBit event in Hannover some time in the 90’s. I coded the UI.

After that, I have created countless websites, services, mini games, online stores and apps – sometimes as a UI designer, sometimes as a developer.

I don’t code for living any more, but I take occasional development projects just to keep my edge keen.

Drone shows

I’m still having a hard time believing it, but I’ve designed and animated over 60 drone light shows. People say there’s magic in the air. I know the magic and it’s drones.

3D & animations

I’m no Art Director, but I know my way around Blender and After Effects.

Animations for TV commercials, web, gifs, large screens: both 2D and 3D. My work has featured in Shark Tank USA.